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Earn money from shorten URL is one of the easiest method in which you do not require any technical skills, it is the simple method from which you can earn money online. Those people who don’t know about how to make money online can use this service and can make some money through this service. It is very easy process just convert any of your URL like your links in blog, websites, Facebook, Google or other links and put it in our site. When anyone clicks on your given URL then Short links wait for 5 seconds it will redirects toward original destination link. So it is the way company can pay you, the rates depend on the companies because there are many different URL shortener to earn money which have different rates. Companies are pay maximum in between $1 to $10 per 1000 views on a URL and they have also referral system by joining other persons from your referrals and they will give you maximum 20% commission. So, here you can get some clicks to earn money from your Short links.









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